MIXTAPE: Music from Cult Films


YOUR GIRL HAS A COLLEGE DEGREE. I thought about making a mixtape about college success but ugh I’m so done with that. I’m an adult now, which is why I made a tape that was partially spawned by the level of identification I feel with Dawn Weiner from Welcome to the Dollhouse (that’s a joke! Kinda).

I love (or loved at one point) all of these movies.

Music from Cult Films by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Chick Habit – April March (from But I’m a Cheerleader)
2) Welcome to the Dollhouse – Daniel Rey (from Welcome to the Dollhouse)
3) Female Trouble – Divine (from Female Trouble)
4) I’ve Told Every Little Star – Linda Scott (from Mulholland Dr.)
5) Nowhere to Run – Arnold McCuller (from The Warriors)
6) Run Pussy Cat – The Bostweeds (from Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!)
7) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – The Shirelles (from True Romance)
8) If You Fall – Azure Ray (from Shortbus)
9) Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division (from Donnie Darko)
10) 20th Century Boy – Placebo (from Velvet Goldmine)