Let’s Talk for a Minute about Your Stupid Concert Poster

According to the Dallas Observer, last night Perfect Pussy took issue with the concert poster used to promote their show. (While the article says that the bands stopped their set short at 20 minutes, it actually seems like the average amount of time that Perfect Pussy plays a set.)

The offending poster:


The Dallas Observer quotes singer Meredith Graves:

“As women, we’re taken less seriously at the work we do because we work hard. When you see tits on a flyer you feel lonely, weird and isolated.”

This is a particularly succinct and damning quote. It’s damning that multiple promotion companies and the venue approved that flyer as representative of a band with a female member and a sarcastic, lady biology-driven name. What’s more disheartening to me, though, is how often I’ve seen variations of that poster: a posed, nude or nearly nude woman used as decoration. It’s so common that I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it if I had seen it in person, minus giving it a hearty eye-roll. Music scenes are notoriously alienating to women band members and fans, and this type of imagery continues that stratification.

For more examples I will take you to the Dallas Observer’s now-defunct series, This Week’s Best Concert Posters:

“Complete with a naked woman straddling a moose head, surrounded by tiger lillies and bird feces; what more could you ask for?” – May 7, 2013

March 26, 2013

March 12, 2013

February 13, 2013 “Favorite Throwback”

So you get the idea, right?