Female Friendship and Pool Parties

This is such a great video:

I really love that Lightning Dust’s “Diamonds” is essentially a love song (“Whisper to me that you’ve had enough / Apologize that you’re not in love”), but the video tells a story of a different kind of relationship. One by one, three women get into the swimming pool with a lack of self-consciousness (I have a fear of pools and bathing suits so I’m probably projecting), and then begin to execute a synchronized swimming routine. For me that was pretty unexpected, as female friendship isn’t exactly something that’s as celebrated as, say, male friendship or heterosexual relationships. It’s also really awesome that the women in the video have different body types than I’m used to seeing in music videos, and that seems like a conscious decision on the part of the director, Helen Reed.

Women can be friends! And they’re not even sharing makeup tips! (Though let’s be real, that’s fun as hell.) I think part of what’s so remarkable is that this isn’t exactly a popular narrative, partially because feminine competition is highly encouraged, and also if women aren’t really seen as fully-developed people, they aren’t capable of maintaining meaningful relationships outside of those that they have with men. So it’s really cool to see a video like this that’s so nonchalant about it.

I had similar hopes for “Friend Crush” a while back, but the video is really ambiguous about who the song is for. It could be for another woman platonically, but the video seems pretty sexualized so in my head it’s a sexual relationship between two female friends. It could also be about a dude but I’m gonna pretend that it’s not.

MIXTAPE: Friendzoned – Songs About Friendship, Love, and the Lack Thereof

I’ve had a friendship-themed mixtape up my sleeve for a while, although the original was drastically different than this one. All I’ll say about that one is that it definitely had “Rollin’ With My Homies” on it, plus a lot of extra cheese that might not be appropriate for this blog (Which is a shame, because I really enjoy the cheese).

Originally it was a mixtape that celebrated friendship (and it still does, to a point), but somewhere in the compilation process it morphed into something a lot more complex. Maybe it reflects how I feel about friendship, including the grey areas and small spaces that make relationships hard to define. Regardless, it’s composed of some of my very favorite songs, specifically Cannibal Ox’s “The F Word.” (They have some new stuff out, by the way.)

Friendzoned by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) The F Word – Cannibal Ox
2) Night Light – Jessie Ware
3) Rest Your Head – Bat For Lashes
4) Hang With Me – Robyn
5) Be-in – The Dandy Warhols
6) Old Friend – Caveman
7) You Take it Slowly – Telekinesis
8) Friend Crush – Friends
9) Friend – Kate Nash
10) Be Your Bro – Those Darlins