MIXTAPE: Space and Magic

There’s absolutely no way you would know this unless you are one particular person, but I actually made this mixtape (or a slight variation of it) in February for somebody specific. It’s space and magic themed because damnit I always want a theme and I miiiight still have the same galaxy bedspread that I had when I was ten years old. I actually wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger (for the longest time!), but I eventually traded that in for other fantasies until I ended up where I am now (an almost-college grad with a deep well of confusion and anxiety).

The modifications were mostly just removing songs that I had already posted on other mixtapes (It’s hard for me to resist putting Jessie Ware and Tamaryn on every mixtape, it seems), so the rest of my flight of fancy remains intact.

Space and Magic by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Hanging on a Star – Nick Drake
2) Spooky – Dusty Springfield
3) Cosmic Dancer – T. Rex
4) Wandering Star – Polica
5) Get Free feat. Amber Coffman – Major Lazer
6) Push – SPC Eco
7) Earthforms – Matthew Dear
8) BasedWorld- Ryan Hemsworth
9) Curse the Night – The Raveonettes
10) Apocalypse Dreams – Tame Impala