MIXTAPE: Do Your Thing

I can’t really lie, I centered this entire mixtape around Junip’s “Your Life Your Call,” because it’s been one of those repeat songs for me for a bit. It’s a good song, and it’s the first one in the mix, so you should definitely at least check that one out. I’m pretty excited about others on there, too. I remember when the Jeremih and Shlohmo track was released I might have stopped breathing for a bit, and Jai Paul’s “Jasmine” is pretty relevant now, since he did not really release an album this week.

It might not be the most cohesively themed tape that I’ve ever made, but that’s why I called it “Do Your Thing.” Because I am.

Do Your Thing by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Your Life Your Call – Junip
2) Suddenly – Normal Love
3) Jasmine – Jai Paul
4) South Africa (Crystal Balls on Roll) – Dumbo Gets Mad
5) Walk On By – El Perro Del Mar
6) Luvvbazar – Ssion
7) Drink to Moving On – Grand National
8) Prisoner – Har Mar Superstar
9) Bo Peep (Do U Right) – Jeremih and Shlohmo
10) & It Was U (Elite Gymnastics Remix) – How to Dress Well

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