MIXTAPE: Do Your Thing

I can’t really lie, I centered this entire mixtape around Junip’s “Your Life Your Call,” because it’s been one of those repeat songs for me for a bit. It’s a good song, and it’s the first one in the mix, so you should definitely at least check that one out. I’m pretty excited about others on there, too. I remember when the Jeremih and Shlohmo track was released I might have stopped breathing for a bit, and Jai Paul’s “Jasmine” is pretty relevant now, since he did not really release an album this week.

It might not be the most cohesively themed tape that I’ve ever made, but that’s why I called it “Do Your Thing.” Because I am.

Do Your Thing by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Your Life Your Call – Junip
2) Suddenly – Normal Love
3) Jasmine – Jai Paul
4) South Africa (Crystal Balls on Roll) – Dumbo Gets Mad
5) Walk On By – El Perro Del Mar
6) Luvvbazar – Ssion
7) Drink to Moving On – Grand National
8) Prisoner – Har Mar Superstar
9) Bo Peep (Do U Right) – Jeremih and Shlohmo
10) & It Was U (Elite Gymnastics Remix) – How to Dress Well

MIXTAPE: Friendzoned – Songs About Friendship, Love, and the Lack Thereof

I’ve had a friendship-themed mixtape up my sleeve for a while, although the original was drastically different than this one. All I’ll say about that one is that it definitely had “Rollin’ With My Homies” on it, plus a lot of extra cheese that might not be appropriate for this blog (Which is a shame, because I really enjoy the cheese).

Originally it was a mixtape that celebrated friendship (and it still does, to a point), but somewhere in the compilation process it morphed into something a lot more complex. Maybe it reflects how I feel about friendship, including the grey areas and small spaces that make relationships hard to define. Regardless, it’s composed of some of my very favorite songs, specifically Cannibal Ox’s “The F Word.” (They have some new stuff out, by the way.)

Friendzoned by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) The F Word – Cannibal Ox
2) Night Light – Jessie Ware
3) Rest Your Head – Bat For Lashes
4) Hang With Me – Robyn
5) Be-in – The Dandy Warhols
6) Old Friend – Caveman
7) You Take it Slowly – Telekinesis
8) Friend Crush – Friends
9) Friend – Kate Nash
10) Be Your Bro – Those Darlins

MIXTAPE: Sad Summer Vol. 1

First, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you. I was incredibly shocked by how popular my post about women on the college radio charts was, and it’s been really great to see that that resonated with a lot of people. In other good news, I was on Broadist! So I’m sure you can tell I’ve been busy.

Even though so many great things have happened, I’m kind of in a funk right now. I would normally not post about these sorts of things, but I think it’s important to acknowledge, at the very least to get rid of the stigma. So if anyone else is in that spot, I feel you! And this mixtape is specifically for you. I’m calling it “Sad Summer Vol. 1” because I am very, very certain that this won’t be my last sad-themed mixtape. And having a bummer summer is pretty normal. (Even though it’s technically still spring? Well… whatever.)

(FYI I will make you a mixtape just ask.)

Sad Summer Vol. 1 by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Summertime Sadness (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) – Lana Del Rey
2) Without You feat. Kerry Leathem – Lapalux
3) She – Lomovolokno
4) Open (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) – Rhye
5) 23 – Blonde Redhead
6) Creepwave – Kilo Kish
7) In the Same Way feat. Lauren Jade – The Broken Orchestra
8) The End – Sybille Baier
9) Oh Father (Madonna Cover) – Perfume Genius
10) We are Fine – Sharon Van Etten

(as a side note, you should really watch this Lapalux video)

Mixtape: Let’s Get Out of Here

This one goes out to my best friend Leyla, a super-talented lady who was nice enough to make the banner for my site. It’s weird being separated from someone you care so much about (she lives in a different country at the moment), and that’s sort of the theme of this mixtape — it’s a combination of running away from a city that alienates you and moving on with someone new.

I couldn’t really make a mixtape called “Let’s Get Out of Here” without including the Les Savy Fav song of the same name, so I hope you’ll excuse me for that moment of cheesiness.

Let's Get Out of Here by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Way Back Home – Rodeo
2) Run Run Run – Dragonette
3) City Grrrl (Teeth Remix) – CSS
4) Anywhere But Here (feat. Emily Panic) – Killer Mike
5) Runaway Love – Diamond Rings
6) Running – Jessie Ware
7) Montana – Elite Gymnastics
8) Let’s Get Out of Here – Les Savy Fav
9) Next Stop – Bleached
10) Highway 61 Revisited – PJ Harvey
11) Cherokee – Cat Power

Want a mixtape? You know the drill.

Mixtape: Me First- Songs about Female Sexual Pleasure

It wasn’t until I was listening to Kelly Rowland’s “Kisses Down Low” the other day that I thought about all of the songs where women sing about getting theirs (THAT *OTHER* C WORD). There isn’t exactly a shortage of songs about cunnilingus, but there aren’t really boatloads of them either. I didn’t really stick to the theme of strictly going down, but it’s a pretty decent mix of ladies coming first (If you exclude Lily Allen’s “Not Fair,” which is exactly the opposite).

Me First- Songs of Female Sexual Pleasure by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud


I just finished making the CD version


1. Kisses Down Low – Kelly Rowland
2. Give it to Me Right – Melanie Fiona
3. Play – Goapele
4. Ladies Night (Not Tonight Remix) – Lil’ Kim
5. Downtown – SWV
6. You Know You Like It (Raffertie Remix) – Alunageorge
7. Twist – Goldfrapp
8. Stroitel – Cheese People
9. Not Fair – Lily Allen
10. Luv Cruisin – Making Friendz
11. I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked – Ida Maria

It’s going out to my friend Shelby. If you want to request a mix go to this form right here.