MIXTAPE: Cult Films Part 2

I just got a bill to renew my domain name, otherwise I would have no idea that this blog is officially ONE YEAR OLD! I’m pretty proud of how well it’s progressed, and also pretty stoked on the guest bloggers that I’ve had on here so far. By the way, if you think you have something cool to contribute to the site, I have a new submissions page. BOOM.


I have recently spent a significant amount of time looking at David Bowie/Mick Jagger gifs from the “Dancing in the Street” video for reasons that are both inscrutable and also obvious.


HAPPY ONE YEAR NOT A NEOPHYTE. In celebration I made you a mixtape! Songs from Cult FIlms Part 2, because the first edition was a lot of fun to make.

Music from Cult Films: Part 2 by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Jaan Pehechaan Ho – Mohammed Rafi (from Ghostworld)
2) Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols (from Igby Goes Down)
3) Funnel of Love – Wanda Jackson (from But I’m a Cheerleader)
4) Runaway – Del Shannon (from American Graffiti)
5) Sugar Baby Love – The Rubettes (from Breakfast on Pluto)
6) Que sera, sera – Sly & The Family Stone (from Heathers)
7) Blue Velvet – Bobby Vinton (from Blue Velvet)
8) We’ll Inherit the Earth – The Replacements (from Saved!)
9) Heard Somebody Say – Devendra Banhart (from Life During Wartime)
10) As You Turn to Go – The 6ths (from Pieces of April)

MIXTAPE: Haterade


This mixtape idea came from my roommate Caroline‘s brain. I’m surprised it took me this long, because I’ve been a registered Hater since 2009. There’s a Christmas song that says something about “good will toward all men,” but this is Misandry Town, so that’s not gonna happen.

Haterade by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud


1) Honey Bee – Hey Girls
2) The Babies – Mean
3) Pangea – I Don’t Want to Know You
4) Lyres – You’ll Never Do It Baby
5) Steve King – Satan is Her Name
6) Sparkles – No Friend of Mine
7) The Chymes – Quite a Reputation
8) The Pen-Etts – That’s No Way to Spend My Time
9) The Magnetic Fields – You Must Be Out of Your Mind
10) Belle and Sebastian – I Don’t Love Anyone

MIXTAPE: Fall Into It

It’s officially fall (is it official? Fall, are you ready for this sort of commitment??) and my feet are starting to get cold. It’s weird because I feel like this could work metaphorically but I mean it in the most literal sense.

Fall Into It by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud



1) Hot Sugar – Leverage feat. Kool AD, LAKUTIS, and Nasty Nigel
2) Earl Sweatshirt – Hive feat. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies
3) Jean Grae – Trouble Man
4) Psalm One – Macaroni & Cheese
5) Janelle Monae – Electric Lady (Remix) feat. Cee-Lo and Big Boi
6) Spank Rock – Car Song feat. Santigold
7) Rye Rye – Sunshine feat. M.I.A.
8) The Cool Kids – Gas Station feat. Bun B
9) THEESatisfaction – Bitch
10) J. Cole – Power Trip feat. Miguel


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MIXTAPE: Life or Death

Hey, it’s been a while since my last mixtape! I’m afraid my last few posts, while cathartic, have sort of taken a bit of a toll on me, so it’s nice to take a bit of a mental break and post some music that I love. Thanks for the theme idea, Rachelle! I expanded it a bit to add “death” because I kept finding songs that are the antithesis of being alive. Go figure.

Life or Death by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Started From the Bottom (D33J Remix) – Drake
2) Alpha – Zerolex
3) Bugg’n – TNGHT
4) Reach for the Dead – Boards of Canada
5) Birthday – Junior Boys
6) Bury Us Alive – Starfucker
7) Last Dance – Rhye
8) On Death & Endearments – Parenthetical Girls
9) Past Lives – DIIV
10) Objectum Sexuality – Big Boi

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MIXTAPE: Hardly the First Time

I don’t really have any good updates for you, as I’m the slowest mover ever and I’m trying to get my life together. I’m not really able to look people in the eye when they ask me how my progress is going, because, um… it’s not. My furniture was moved a week ago, so I’ve been sleeping on the floor since then. It’s been alright! Only a few carpet burns.

On a side note if you want any posters of bands I don’t care about anymore (and you live in the DFW area), you should hit me up. I have amassed a small collection of them, and my days in college radio are making it really hard for me to toss them.

Lots of features on this tape, right?

Hardly the First Time by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Never Be Another feat. Devlin – Delilah
2) Without Me feat. Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot – Fantasia
3) Take Care of Me Baby feat. Pusha T – Cassie
4) Fuck U All the Time feat. Natasha Mosely – Jeremih
5) Forget – Lianna La Havas
6) Do My Thing feat. Janelle Monae – Estelle
7) Terrible Angels – Charlotte Gainsbourg
8) Grammy – Purity Ring
9) Counting (Remix) feat. Mykki Blanco – Autre Ne Veut
10) Hard to Love Somebody feat. Nas – Arlissa

MIXTAPE: Peace Out

Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been in a state with spotty Internet connection (Oklahoma), and now I’m attempting to move out of my apartment of two years. It’s been busy, but not that kind of gloating busy where you’re doing Cool Things and you feel like your time is valuable. For context I just found some weird shit in my couch cushions. Ask me about it later.

I kind of stuck to a genre with this mixtape, which is really, really weird. Must have been the couch cushion-induced malaise.

Peace Out by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Broncho – Blown Fuse
2) Movieland – He Cares More if You Forget About Me
3) Slutever – No Offense
4) Tacocat – Spring Break-Up
5) Grass Widow – Unbelievable
6) Guantanamo Baywatch – Barbacoa
7) Fungi Girls – Pacifica Nostalgia
8) Pangea – Night of the Living Dummy
9) BAZOOKA – Ravening Trip
10) Screaming Females – Foul Mouth

MIXTAPE: Music from Cult Films


YOUR GIRL HAS A COLLEGE DEGREE. I thought about making a mixtape about college success but ugh I’m so done with that. I’m an adult now, which is why I made a tape that was partially spawned by the level of identification I feel with Dawn Weiner from Welcome to the Dollhouse (that’s a joke! Kinda).

I love (or loved at one point) all of these movies.

Music from Cult Films by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Chick Habit – April March (from But I’m a Cheerleader)
2) Welcome to the Dollhouse – Daniel Rey (from Welcome to the Dollhouse)
3) Female Trouble – Divine (from Female Trouble)
4) I’ve Told Every Little Star – Linda Scott (from Mulholland Dr.)
5) Nowhere to Run – Arnold McCuller (from The Warriors)
6) Run Pussy Cat – The Bostweeds (from Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!)
7) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – The Shirelles (from True Romance)
8) If You Fall – Azure Ray (from Shortbus)
9) Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division (from Donnie Darko)
10) 20th Century Boy – Placebo (from Velvet Goldmine)

MIXTAPE: Space and Magic

There’s absolutely no way you would know this unless you are one particular person, but I actually made this mixtape (or a slight variation of it) in February for somebody specific. It’s space and magic themed because damnit I always want a theme and I miiiight still have the same galaxy bedspread that I had when I was ten years old. I actually wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger (for the longest time!), but I eventually traded that in for other fantasies until I ended up where I am now (an almost-college grad with a deep well of confusion and anxiety).

The modifications were mostly just removing songs that I had already posted on other mixtapes (It’s hard for me to resist putting Jessie Ware and Tamaryn on every mixtape, it seems), so the rest of my flight of fancy remains intact.

Space and Magic by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) Hanging on a Star – Nick Drake
2) Spooky – Dusty Springfield
3) Cosmic Dancer – T. Rex
4) Wandering Star – Polica
5) Get Free feat. Amber Coffman – Major Lazer
6) Push – SPC Eco
7) Earthforms – Matthew Dear
8) BasedWorld- Ryan Hemsworth
9) Curse the Night – The Raveonettes
10) Apocalypse Dreams – Tame Impala

MIXTAPE: Calm Down

While I really liked the mixtape that I made last week, it was sort of a penis party, right? This week has a lot more ladies, because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did otherwise (Real talk though: all of the songs are ones that I frequently repeat). I initially started this playlist a few days before I presented my capstone to calm my nerves, so hopefully it will be useful to someone else who is struggling with anxiety at the moment.

I’m about to graduate and I just relinquished my job as a college radio Music Director, so the nostalgia levels are turned to eleven right now, thus I feel obligated to tell you that I played The Black Ryder’s “Let it Go” on my very first radio show back in 2010. While I’m on this sentimental kick, please read the shout-out that I gave to my capstone group last week. We presented last night and I’ve been on the verge of tears since. Everyone was so great (capstone-wise) and supportive (friendship-wise).

Whatever it is that you’re dealing with, hopefully it will be over soon! Calm down a bit, yeah?

Calm Down by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) The Trip – Still Corners
2) Breathe – Delilah
3) Perennials – Widowspeak
4) Heavenly Bodies – Tamaryn
5) Billie Holiday – Warpaint
6) The Color of Industry – Radiation City
7) Call Me in the Day – La Luz
8) Bells Ring – Mazzy Star
9) Let it Go – The Black Ryder
10) Jolene – White Blush

MIXTAPE: End of the Year Freak Out

I know it’s not the end of the technical year, but for me and my graduating buddies at UTD it is. It would be nicer if you could graduate from college with a semblance of control or sanity, because damn these past few months have killed me like nothing before. I have a really great group in my capstone class, though, so be sure to check out their work:

Color Made Visible by Deepti
Write that Fanfiction by Karla
Mirror, Media by Christy
Paper, Print & Pixels by Janet
Parenting from a Distance by Lauren
Celebrate She by Nakoya

This goes out to all of them, as well as our advisor Kim, who has bent over backwards to make sure we have everything we need to do well.

This playlist is a little wonky, partially because there’s an unusual amount of garage rock, and partially because there are so many songs that are gendered (genderisasocialconstruct genderisasocialconstruct genderisasocialconstruct). Also note how many of the songs have a variant of “work” in them.

Can I just say that I have never identified with “I’m gonna make it through this year if it kills me” as much as I do now? (See track 5.)

End of the Year Freak Out: Capstone Edition! by Neophyteblog on Mixcloud

1) The Way that You Work – Les Sexareenos
2) Progress Man – Bad Sports
3) Ready to Go! – Bare Wires
4) Take it from the Man – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
5) This Year – The Mountain Goats
6) Work – Jimmy Eat World
7) It Ain’t Easy – David Bowie
8) Stress Rap – Cannibal Ox
9) Woman at Work – Psalm One
10) Werkin’ Girls – Angel Haze

If you’re interested, here’s the video intro for my capstone presentation:

Not a Neophyte from Chelsea Upton on Vimeo.