Not a Neophyte is a music blog focusing on women and queer musicians. It’s run by Chelsea Upton- a University of Texas at Dallas graduate, former college radio Music Director, and current Brooklyn resident. For inquiries or freelance offers [heeeyyyyy *wink*] email chelsupton [@] gmail.com


– doesn’t have a sense of humor due to her heightened sense of smell.

– is skeptical of the statement that The Clash is “the only band that matters.”

– calls mix CDs “mixtapes” even though she’s aware that they are not the same thing.

– hates the phrase “[band currently performing] is killing it!”

– had a one-woman reenactment of STOMP! that was never as successful as she hoped it would be, but her collection of cleaning tools is now very impressive.

– lives by a motto that is a combination of “Everybody Dance Now” and “Ride It (My Pony).”

– accepts no hateration/holleration

– doesn’t own any cats yet.

Not a Neophyte from Chelsea Upton on Vimeo.

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